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Core Values

The strategic goal set before first began by identifying the needs of the Government, public agencies and the communities they serve.
Our goal, to offer select data in a convenient, efficient, friendly format to all who come to free of charge. As identified these needs, certain values became evident. Those values are: rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States and uncompromising personal and institutional integrity. These values do not exhaust the many goals undertaken by, but rather they capsulize them. Our values must be fully understood, and shared with all who come here. They are evident in our daily performance within the array of services we provide.

Observance of these core values is our guarantee of excellence and propriety in our performance. Rigorous standards and principles ensures that individually and institutionally we shall always maintain a personal and institutional integrity.

Millions served,'s success in accomplishing our goals are being realized through directly upholding our established core values. It is our firmly held values and beliefs that have come to be the fiber which holds together the vitality of our business ideals in service to others.
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We Look Forward to Serving you-
Chase Enterprises, LLC and where identification and prevention of abuse is key to keeping America's youth safe.

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